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  • To develop excellent institutions for imparting professional education and learning exclusively to students comparable to the best available in India and abroad. Quality education at Tagore College would prepare the Students to cater to the demands of modern, technological and globalizing world while imbibing in them the values and cultural heritage, India is known for and is proud of.
  • To offer a transformational experience where highest integrity, human values, professional commitment and ethics are inbuilt in the training mechanism itself, so that young students may be transformed into leaders and cultural ambassadors of tomorrow bearing an effective personality and ability to address social, economic and technological challenges of the global world.
  • To enlighten through instilling a deep and lasting respect 'for the world of the mind', steadfastness of values and commitment to social concerns.


  • To meet the educational needs of students, sensitizing them towards various important issues they are confronted with; in the society and equipping them to handle such issues with maturity so that they become responsible and ethical citizens of the world, for the betterment of the self and the society they live in.
  • To provide a conducive environment for the development of an individual’s personality.
  • To believe that performance has everything to do with an individual’s desires and determination to excel thereby providing a platform to unleash the dormant faculties and talents within.
  • To provide a favorable learning environment, in which the students and their teachers are driven by the spirit of enquiry in their quest for knowledge.
  • To provide the opportunities for the greatest possible achievement and attainment to each and every individual.
  • To create and continuosly upgrade academic infrastructure.